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Dr Andrew Lundgren

Reader in Gravitational Wave Science

  1. Data availability statement for '2-OGC: Open Gravitational-wave Catalog of binary mergers from analysis of public Advanced LIGO and Virgo data'.

    Nitz, A. H. (Creator), Dent, T. (Creator), Davies, G. S. (Creator), Kumar, S. (Creator), Capano, C. D. (Creator), Dr Ian Harry (Creator), Simone Mozzon (Creator), Dr Laura Nuttall (Creator), Dr Andrew Lundgren (Creator) & Tápai, M. (Creator), IOP Publishing, 12 Mar 2020


  2. Data availability statement for 'A semianalytic Fisher matrix for precessing binaries with a single significant spin'.

    O'Shaughnessy, R. (Creator), Nepal, P. (Creator) & Dr Andrew Lundgren (Creator), IOP Publishing, 30 Jan 2020


  3. Data availability statement for 'Blip glitches in Advanced LIGO data'.

    Cabero, M. (Creator), Dr Andrew Lundgren (Creator), Nitz, A. H. (Creator), Dent, T. (Creator), Barker, D. (Creator), Goetz, E. (Creator), Kissel, J. S. (Creator), Dr Laura Nuttall (Creator), Schale, P. (Creator), Schofield, R. (Creator) & Davis, D. (Creator), IOP Publishing, 17 Jul 2019


  4. Data availability statement for 'Classifying the unknown: discovering novel gravitational-wave detector glitches using similarity learning'.

    Dr Andrew Lundgren (Creator), Coughlin, S. B. (Creator), Bahaadini, S. (Creator), Rohani, N. (Creator), Zevin, M. (Creator), Patane, O. (Creator), Harandi, M. (Creator), Jackson, C. (Creator), Noroozi, Z. (Creator), Allen, S. E. (Creator), Areeda, J. S. (Creator), Coughlin, M. (Creator), Ruiz, P. (Creator), Berry, C. P. L. (Creator), Crowston, K. (Creator), Katsaggelos, A. K. (Creator), Osterlund, C. (Creator), Smith, J. R. (Creator), Trouille, L. (Creator) & Kalogera, V. (Creator), American Physical Society, 16 Apr 2019


  5. Data availability statement for 'Constraining the p-mode--g-mode tidal instability with GW170817'.

    Dr Ian Harry (Creator), Keitel, D. (Creator), Dr Andrew Lundgren (Creator) & Dr Laura Nuttall (Creator), American Physical Society, 13 Feb 2019


  6. Data availability statement for 'Dynamic normalization for compact binary coalescence searches in non-stationary noise'.

    Simone Mozzon (Creator), Dr Laura Nuttall (Creator), Dr Andrew Lundgren (Creator), Dent, T. (Creator), Kumar, S. (Creator) & Nitz, A. (Creator), IOP Publishing, 5 Aug 2020


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