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Andrius Tamosiunas

Andrius Tamosiunas


I’m a 3rd year PhD student working on testing models of modified gravity with a broad range of interests in theories and cosmological tests of modified gravity as well as cosmological simulations and machine learning techniques in cosmology. Before this I have studied the phenomenology of various inflationary models (MPHys at the University of Edinburgh) and spent a few years working as a data scientist.

Here's a snapshot of what I am currently working on: 

1. Tests of modified gravity models on galaxy cluster scales

This is a continuation of previous work as described in arXiv:1901.05505, which uses a combination of weak lensing and X-ray cluster data to put constraints on the model of Emergent Gravity. With the newest DES data being available we hope to extend this methodology to testing modified gravity in a model-blind way by using stacked galaxy cluster data to find deviations from GR.

2. Developing cosmological emulators using deep learning

In this project we use machine learning techniques to emulate large scale structure simulations as well as weak lensing data. 



Teaching Responsibilities

Marking: Mathematical Physics 2

Teaching assistant: Computational Physics and Advanced Computational Physics


ID: 8633026