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Dr Angela Crack

Reader in Civil Society

  1. Roberta Discetti Third supervisor

    Organisation Studies & Human Resource Management

    Fair Trade Public Policy and Trade Justice Campaigns: An Investigation into the Role of Civil Society Advocacy as a Driver of Political and Regulatory Change in the UK and EU

    10/10/17 → …

  2. Beatrice Tura Second supervisor

    Department of Psychology

    Visual representations of minority groups, activism and the everyday

    5/10/20 → …

  3. Devran Gulel Second supervisor

    Portsmouth Law School

    EU Influence on Women's Employment and Welfard: An Analysis of EU Funding of Women's Organisations in Turkey

    27/10/17 → …

  4. Alexander Hasenstab Second supervisor

    Strategy Enterprise & Innovation

    The Problem with Pre Deployment Security Training

    9/03/18 → …

  5. Alex Uibariu Third supervisor

    Institute of Criminal Justice Studies

    The Loop of Mutual Distrust and Apathy: Corrupt Politicians, Deterred Citizens, and 'State Crimes Against Democracy'

    21/11/19 → …

ID: 20415