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Professor Ashraf Labib

Professor of Operations and Asset Management

  1. Ann Stewart Second supervisor

    School of Education & Sociology

    What is the added value of the ‘academisation’ of project management?

    6/04/20 → …

  2. Ferhat Eryurt First/Lead supervisor

    Faculty of Business & Law


    2/03/20 → …

  3. Anil Fasiludeen Second supervisor

    Operations & Systems Management

    Analysing the Causes and Impact of Project Delays to Medium Scale Projects in Hardware Engineering

    16/11/18 → …

  4. Angela Yu First/Lead supervisor

    Operations & Systems Management

    How to build a more effective supply chain with lean, agile and green supply chain integration - A case study of global shoe companies in China

    18/08/14 → …

  5. Souzan Mahmoud Second supervisor

    Accounting & Financial Management

    Learning from Failures in Financial Risk: Decision Analysis in Modern Corporate Governance

    5/12/17 → …

  6. John Pessima First/Lead supervisor

    Faculty of Business & Law

    Problem structuring in talent management: An empirical study

    3/03/20 → …

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