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Barbora Melis

Barbora Melis


Barbora Foerster graduated in Urban Planning in 2010 at the TU Berlin in Germany, after a period of study at the IUAV in Venice, Italy.
Barbora has more than 1o years of experience in urban planning at an international level, both on behalf of public bodies, such as the Veneto Region, and in the profession, in Italy, Germany, New Zealand and England with collaborations with studios such as Cappochin (Padua), P4 and HCB (Berlin) and Foreman Homes (Southampton). Barbora mainly deals with teaching and research activities, at the University of Portsmouth (UK), on the themes of inclusiveness and diversity as tools of urban resilience, in particular on the female perspective in city planning. Barbora is currently doing her PhD research.

ID: 15865172