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Dr Brigitte Leucht

Senior Lecturer, Faculty Ethics Committee Chair

Brigitte Leucht


I have taught widely across European studies and history subjects at undergraduate and postgraduate levels in Austria (Vienna), Switzerland (IHEID, Geneva), Denmark (Copenhagen) and the UK (London School of Economics, University of Westminster, University of Oxford and Brunel University). 

My networks are both international and interdisciplinary. My research on the market and legal dimensions of European integration requires the dialogue with political scientists, sociologists and lawyers. In 2018, I was a visiting scholar at the Max Planck Institute for European Legal History in Frankfurt. Previously, I have held a postdoctoral fellowship in the Department of Politics and IR at the University of Oxford (2009-11) and I was an Associate Professor in Economic History at the University of Copenhagen (2013-15).

Research Interests

The focus of my research is the European Union including its external relations, and transatlantic relations in particular. I am part of a group of historians who have successfully promoted methodological innovation to arrive at a less state-centric account of European integration, specifically through the engagement with trans- and supranational approaches from the social sciences.

Crucially, I am also contributing to the ongoing re-evaluation of the place of the EU and Europe in the world at this critical political juncture epitomized by the recent Euro and global financial crisis and the Brexit vote.

Internally, this includes in particular my work in the faculty-funded Transnational civil society project, where I am exploring European consumer policy and law. This research hypothesizes that the removal of trade barriers from the 1980s undermined crucial societal support for EU integration. The project’s focus on ‘consumer citizens’ addresses the agenda of the democratic citizenship theme, articulated in the university’s R&I strategy 2015-20.

Externally, I have been invited to participate in an oral history project on the former members of the Court of Justice of the EU (judges, advocates-general, référendaires, senior administrators) coordinated by the Max Planck Institute for European Legal History, together with the University of Copenhagen and the Archives of the EU in Florence (from 2018).

I have also been invited, for example, to join the scientific committee of the research group ‘Dés-intégrations politiques européennes’, funded by the French Association of Political Science (2017-19).  

Finally, I am putting my years of experience in researching and teaching European integration history to use by co-authoring with Katja Seidel (University of Westminster) the textbook: Reinventing Europe: The History of the European Union from 1945 (under contract at Bloomsbury). 

ID: 2990500