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Mr Christopher Frohmaier

Research Fellow

Christopher Frohmaier


I'm a research fellow in Data Intensive Science at the Institute of Cosmology and Gravitation. I am an expert in the study of supernovae across cosmic time.


I'm a research fellow at the Institute of Cosmology and Gravitation. I work in the field of Observation Cosmology and Astrophysics and I am a member of the DES, TiDES, and GOTO surveys.

I hold a PhD in Physics from the University of Southampton.

I joined the University of Portsmouth in 2017 in my current role.

Research Interests

I am currently leading the efforts within the Time-Domain Extragalatic Survey (TiDES) to simulate the effects of cadence and survey strategy on the discovery of supernovae. The 4MOST survey will host TiDES and provide observations on the VISTA telescope form 2021. TiDES will feed from the Legacy Survey of Space and Time from 2022. 

I also research the proprties of galaxies that host supernovae in the Dark Energy Survey.


For many years I have studied the rates of supernovae from large sky surveys. This work involves performing large simulations of sky surveys and also performing detaled statistics of supernova populations.

ID: 7746653