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Dr Claire Bailey-Ross

Academic Lead (Creative Technologies)

Claire Bailey-Ross


Academic Lead in Human Experience Design within the School of Creative Technologies. 

My research takes place within the context of Digital Humanities (DH) and my work is highly interdisciplinary, ranging from the user experience of digital heritage resources to broader debates surrounding the social aspects of digital innovation and technological change in cultural heritage environments.


Research Interests

  • Digital Heritage
  • Digital Engagement & User Experience
  • Museum Informatics
  • Visitor Generated Content & Social Interpretation
  • Museum Innovation 
  • Creativity and Creative Practice
  • Museum and University Knowledge Exchange 


I joined the University of Portsmouth in February 2017 and currently fulfil the role of Academic Lead within the School of Creative Technologies responsible for the strategic leadership of the Human Experience Design theme. I am also a principal lecturer in user experience.

My main research focuses on digital innovation and impact of engagement and user experience in a museum context. My current research interests include the nature of participation and engagement possibilities provided by digital technology,  digital heritage, museum innovation, creativity and creative practice, and knowledge exchange between academic and cultural heritage institutions.

I completed my PhD (2014) in Digital Humanities at the Centre for Digital Humanities and Department of Information Studies, UCL, where my research focused on exploring the implications of digital innovation projects in museums and their bearing on visitor engagement and institutional change.

ID: 7393400