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Professor Colyn Crane-Robinson


Colyn Crane-Robinson


I have been playing with histones since they were first purified in the early ‘60s. Defining the domain structure of core and linker histones by NMR and limited proteolysis was the first step. I claim to have been the principal midwife at the birth of chromatin IPs that use antibodies to modified histones. I continue to marvel at the ever-widening role of histones in controlling the genome.

The conviction that proteins and their complexes with nucleic acids cannot be regarded simply as black boxes with known inputs and outputs drives studies of their structures and energetics. This has involved the use of NMR, micro-calorimetry and fluorescence techniques.

Research Interests

  • Chromatin structure and function.
  • Protein/nucleic acid interactions and structures.
  • Genetic pre-disposition to breast cancer.

ID: 2273637