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Professor Craig Storey

Professor of Geology

  1. Supplementary data for 'A perspective on potassic and ultrapotassic rocks: constraints on the Paleoproterozoic late to post-collisional event in the São Francisco paleocontinent'.

    Bersan, S. M. (Creator), Danderfer, A. (Creator), Professor Craig Storey (Creator), Bruno, H. (Creator), Moreira, H. (Creator), Robério de Abreu, F. (Creator), Lana, C. (Creator), Gonçalves, L. (Creator) & Nahas, I. (Creator), Elsevier BV, 25 Feb 2021


  2. Supplementary material for 'Detrital rutile ages can deduce the tectonic setting of sedimentary basins'.

    Pereira, I. (Creator), Professor Craig Storey (Creator), Professor Rob Strachan (Creator), Bento dos Santos, T. M. (Creator) & Dr James Darling (Creator), Elsevier BV, 10 Mar 2020


  3. Supplementary material for 'Insights into orogenic processes from drab schists and minor intrusions: Southern São Francisco Craton, Brazil'.

    Moreira, H. S. (Creator), Cassino, L. (Creator), Lana, C. (Creator), Professor Craig Storey (Creator) & Albert, C. (Creator), Elsevier BV, 16 Jul 2019


  4. Supplementary data for 'Evidence for a late Cambrian juvenile arc and a buried suture within the Laurentian Caledonides of Scotland: comparisons with hyperextended Iapetan margins in the Appalachian Mountains (North America) and Norway'.

    Dunk, M. (Creator), Professor Rob Strachan (Creator), Cutts, K. A. (Creator), Lasalle, S. (Creator), Professor Craig Storey (Creator), Burns, I. M. (Creator), Whitehouse, M. J. (Creator), Professor Mike Fowler (Creator), Moreira, H. S. (Creator), Mr Joseph Nicholas Dunlop (Creator) & Pereira, I. F. G. M. (Creator), Geoscience Publications, 6 Jun 2019


  5. Supplementary material for 'Step-like growth of the continental crust in South China: evidence from detrital zircons in Yangtze River sediments'.

    Liang, Z. (Creator), Gao, S. (Creator), Hawkesworth, C. J. (Creator), Wu, Y. (Creator), Professor Craig Storey (Creator), Zhou, L. (Creator), Li, M. (Creator), Hu, Z. (Creator), Liu, Y. (Creator) & Liu, X. (Creator), Elsevier BV, 1 Nov 2018


ID: 26673