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Professor Dan Nunan

Head of Subject Group

  1. Chandra Naidu Second supervisor


    The Development and Implementation of Social Media Strategy in SMEs

    19/02/19 → …

  2. Renatus Moolenaar First/Lead supervisor

    Faculty of Business & Law

    What drives Student and Employer Satisfaction with Undergraduate Internships - an Exploratory Case Study

    3/03/20 → …

  3. Martin Stotz First/Lead supervisor

    Faculty of Business & Law

    How can Small and Medium-sized German Engineering Service Firms Improve their Employer Branding?

    1/03/19 → …

  4. Emma Winter First/Lead supervisor


    Understanding the Nature and Impact of the HE Servicescape on Student Institutional Choice

    5/11/19 → …

  5. Giandomenico Di Domenico First/Lead supervisor


    Data-driven Multi-criteria Decision Making with Marketing Applications

    14/10/19 → …

  6. Harry Davies First/Lead supervisor


    Evaluating and improving evidence based practice in advertising media measurement

    16/12/19 → …

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