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Daniel Hinchen



I started my PhD project in 2019 under the supervision of Professor John McGeehan working on a project titled 'Characterisation and engineering of novel and enhanced enzymes for the conversion of lignin biomass to high-value products'. This project addresses one of our most imminent global challenges for the bioeconomy, the generation of sustainable fuels, chemicals and materials. We aim to understand and improve biological catalysis for the deconstruction of lignin biomass and its conversion to high-value products. It draws on parallel research projects currently running in our laboratories on the depolymerisation of natural polymers such as cellulose and synthetic polymers such as plastics.

I graduated from the University of Portsmouth with a BSc (Hons) in Biochemistry in 2018 and went on the obtain an MRes from the same institution in 2019 before starting my PhD.

ID: 11666966