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Mr Daniel Pinchbeck

Visiting Professor



I joined Portsmouth in 2003. My background is in Drama, but I have worked in media, digital and technological arts practice using emergent technologies. My research is into the significance of narrative within Computer Games, and on the effective archiving of computer games.

Research Interests

I have been a researcher on the EU FP7-funded KEEP Digital Preservation project, with special responsibility for game preservation, GUI and metadata.

I am Creative Director of thechineseroom, an independent research-led game development studio that creates experimental First Person Games. This applied research project has already led to international recognition, critical acclaim and a number of awards (see Achievement and Recognition). In 2011 we were granted a license to release Dear Esther as a commercial game, which is out now. Links to the substantial press attention our work has garnered can be found at the project website.

I have recently wrote a book on the First Person game Doom, for the University of Michigan Landmark Video Game Series, and have forthcoming a chapter, ‘Meat Chunks in the Metro: the apocalyptic soul of the Ukrainian shooter’ in Call, J., Voorhees, G. & Whitlock, K. (Eds.), Guns, grenades and grunts: the first person shooter (London: Continuum).

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