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Ms Danielle Dove

Project Administrator



I am a PhD Researcher in the School of Literature and Languages at the University of Surrey. Prior to this I received a first-class honours degree in English Literature and a Masters in Literature, Culture and Identity from the University of Portsmouth.

In December 2017, I joined Portsmouth as a Research Assistant on the Celebrity, Citizenship, and Status Strategic Project – an interdisciplinary research project that explores the construction of celebrity in literature, (popular) culture, and society.

Research Interests

My doctoral research centres on the interweaving of dress, fashion, and materiality in the neo-Victorian novel. My thesis explores the way in which the sartorial informs the politics of gender and sexuality in neo-Victorian fiction and seeks to question how and why material forms of dress manifest themselves through tropes of immateriality, of haunting and spectrality.

More generally, my research interests lie in (neo-)Victorian visual and material culture (their connections and intersections) and constructions of literary celebrity in neo-Victorian fiction.

ID: 8633719