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Dr David Keitel


  1. Data availability statement for 'First search for long-duration transient gravitational waves after glitches in the Vela and Crab pulsars'.

    Dr David Keitel (Creator), Woan, G. (Creator), Pitkin, M. (Creator), Schumacher, C. (Creator), Pearlstone, B. (Creator), Riles, K. (Creator), Lyne, A. G. (Creator), Palfreyman, J. (Creator), Stappers, B. (Creator), Weltevrede, P. (Creator), American Physical Society, 9 Sep 2019


  2. Data availability statement for 'Matched-filter study and energy budget suggest no detectable gravitational-wave 'extended emission' from GW170817'.

    Oliver, M. (Creator), Dr David Keitel (Creator), Miller, A. L. (Creator), Estelles, H. (Creator), Sintes, A. M. (Creator), Oxford University Press, 15 Feb 2019


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