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Professor Deborah Sugg Ryan

Associate Dean (Research), Professor of Design History and Theory

  1. Lorna Sheppard First/Lead supervisor

    School of Art, Design & Performance

    A Study of Illustrated Post-War British Cookbooks: The Interplay Between Author and Illustrator and Class And Gender Identities (1954-1965)

    29/11/18 → …

  2. Najla Mansour Third supervisor

    School of Architecture

    Traditional Architecture and its Role in the Reconstruction of the City of Homs: Vertual Analysis

    17/10/17 → …

  3. Vincent Adams Third supervisor

    School of Film, Media & Communication

    Pastorical Drama: The case for Pastiche as a Creative Agent in the Writing, Production and Reception of a Historical Play.

    22/03/17 → …

  4. Lauren Macpherson Second supervisor

    School of Area Studies, History, Politics & Literature

    Memory, Trauma and Nostalgia in Interwar Middlebrow Fiction

    26/08/20 → …

ID: 4686125