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Mr Dee Anand

Senior Lecturer



Practising as Forensic Psychologist since 1999. Research conducted at Broadmoor Special Hospital into psychopathy and construct of PCL-R. Worked as a practitioner in the community with personality disordered offenders and MDOs. Have run SOTPs, designed and delivered intervention programmes for violent offenders and offenders with complex presentation.

Managed a team of Forensic Mental Health Practitioners in inner city London Boroughs from 2002-2004 and has worked as an Expert Witness producing over 250 expert risk assessment reports in civil and criminal cases and appearing in Courts across the country on a regular basis.

From 2007-2010 designed and delivered the MSc Forensic Psychology at University of Teesside as Programme Director and led the course through BPS accreditation. Chair of Division of Forensic Psychology Training Committee and member of executive DFP Committee where I also hold the position of Information and Press Officer.

Invited to international and national conferences as keynote speaker and developing research profile. Currently maintains role as clinical supervisor to trainee Forensic Psychologists seeking to attain chartered status and specialist clinical supervisor and consultant to various organisations.

Research Interests

Research interests mainly around practical application of theory - interested particularly in personality disorder, schema theory, significant life events, sex offending and development of efficient intervention programmes and experimental design. Grant received for Ministry of Defence influenced exercise investigating malevolent creativity.

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