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Dr Emily Mason-Apps

Senior Research Fellow



I graduated from the University of Bristol in 2007 with a first class honours degree in Psychology. After graduating, I worked as a part-time research assistant for Dr Glynis Laws at the University of Bristol whilst doing some voluntary work with children with learning difficulties. In 2008 I moved to the University of Reading to complete an MSc in Developmental Psychopathology. I stayed at Reading to complete my PhD which was funded by an ESRC-CASE studentship and Down Syndrome Education International.  For my PhD I ran a longitudinal study looking at predictors of language in typically-developing infants and infants with Down syndrome. 

Following my PhD I worked as an Assistant Psychologist at the University of Reading on a Randomised Clinical Trial looking at the effectiveness of treatments for childhood anxiety.

I have worked at the University of Portsmouth as a Research Fellow since October 2012. I worked on the “Changing Mindsets” project funded by the Education Endowment Foundation, and the Closing the Gap project funded by the National College for Teaching and Leadership. These two longitudinal education research projects, involved exploring how learners’ implicit theories of intelligence (also known as mindsets) impact students’ attainment and learning behaviour. I was also part of the team that established “Growing Learners” at the University of Portsmouth, and have worked with over 250 schools around Europe, delivering mindset training designed to develop pupils’ learning resilience and raise attainment. 

I am currently working as a research fellow on the Learning Gains project, funded by HEFCE. 

Research Interests

Broadly speaking, I am interested in developmental psychology and educational psychology. I am particularly passionate about conducting education research that aims to inform policy and practice, and therefore improve education for learners of all ages and abilities. 


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