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Mr Ewan Tregarot

Research Fellow

Ewan Tregarot


I am a Research Fellow at the University of Portsmouth. I have a background in marine biology and ecology, and I am a scientific diver and an underwater photographer. My research focuses on the valuation of ecosystem services provided by coastal marine habitats.

Since 2014, I have contributed to the assessment of ecosystem services in the Caribbean (Martinique, Sint Eustatius), Indian Ocean (Mayotte, Reunion), Africa (Mauritania, Gabon) provided by coral reefs, mangroves, seagrass beds, salt marshes, and mudflats.

The ecological condition of an ecosystem is essential to quantify the level of production of ecosystems. With long term monitoring and modelization, it also helps in predicting the provisioning of services if the environment is degrading or restoration measures are implemented. My research aims at clarifying the link between the ecological condition and the provisioning of ecosystem services.

Research Interests

Nature's contribution to people

Coastal marine ecosystems

Ecological condition

Functional ecology

Nature-based Solutions

ID: 15018377