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Mr Faris Elghaish

Teaching Fellow

Faris Elghaish


I am currently working as a Teaching Fellow in Construction Management at the SCES. My main responsibility is to develop innovative materials for several modules in Construction Management, as well as preparing virtual learning materials that are being used for degree apprenticeship and distance learning students. I have been co-teaching several units as follows:

  1. Strategic and General Management
  2. Integrated BIM and Corporate Management
  3. BIM theory and practice
  4. Modelling and Interoperability in the BIM environment
  5. Project Management and Software 
  6. Procurement & Pre-contract Practice (DA)

I have carried out extensive research in the field of BIM, cost optimisation/automation, and decentralised systems (i.e. smart contracts). Currently, I have four journal papers in the top journal in the field (i.e. Automation in Construction) and three conference papers, and many more to come. The scope of my research is to foster and automate the application of ICT in construction/cost management within the AEC industry. Moreover, I am an active reviewer at many top journals in the field of construction management and BIM (i.e. ECAM and Construction Innovation), I have reviewed many papers throughout the last two years.

ID: 16676899