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Professor Francis Pakes

Associate Dean (Research), Professor of Criminology

Francis Pakes


Francis studied psychology in the town of Groningen in his native Netherlands. After a brief stint as a research assistant and an internship at Ohio State University, he got a bursary for a PhD at the Netherlands Institute for the Study of Criminality and Law Enforcement. In 2001 he got awarded his PhD from Leiden University. His dissertation was called Spiders in the Web: Public Prosecutors at Work. He joined ICJS in 1998.

Francis has a lively interest in all things Dutch and comparative and publishes in both the Dutch and the English language.

Research Interests

  • Comparative Criminal Justice
  • War Crimes Tribunals
  • Criminal Justice in the Netherlands
  • Psychology and Criminal Justice
  • International Criminal Justice
  • Criminal Justice and Mental Health

ID: 27287