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Professor Gary Fones

Theme Professor (Sustainability and The Environment)

Gary Fones


I am a Professor of Environmental Aquatic Chemistry in the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences. My first degree was in Ocean Science at the University of Plymouth followed by a MSc. in Oceanography at the University of Southampton. My research took me north to Lancashire where I did a PhD at the University of Central Lancashire looking into trace metal atmospheric deposition and its impact in coastal waters. This was my initiation into trace metal speciation and trace metal measurements which has been the main thrust of my research ever since.

I then spent nearly 6 years as a researcher at Lancaster University working on trace metals in sediments using the in situ techniques of DGT and DET. From there I moved to Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) where I combined my research to look at DGT in the water column as an in-situ speciation tool. In 2003 I moved to the National Oceanographic Centre at Southampton (NOCS) and became involved in dissolved Fe speciation and Fe biogeochemistry. I enjoy working at sea and since 2003 have been involved in several research cruises around the world including the North Sea, North Atlantic (Icelandic Basin), Sub-Arctic North Pacific, Southern Ocean (Crozet Plateau), Ascension Island region and the Island of Montserrat.

Research Interests

My research is currently focused on benthic-pelagic coupling in shallow harbour, estuarine and coastal seas and sediment-water column exchange of macro-nutrients in coastal and shelf-sea waters.

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