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Georgia Buckle



I am currently a PhD student in the Economics and Finance department in the Faculty of Business and Law. I specialise in Behavioural and Experimental Economics, and in my doctoral research, I look at how people make economic decisions on behalf of others.


I joined the Economics department in October 2018 after completing my bachelor's degree at the University of Nottingham.

First Supervisor: Dr Wolfgang Luhan
Second Supervisor: Dr Federica Alberti
Third Supervisor: Professor Andy Thorpe
External Supervisor: Dr Sascha Füllbrunn, Radboud University, Nijmegen
Prospective Year of Graduation: 2021

Research Interests

My main interest is how people make Economic decisions for others and what motivates them when doing so. In all of my research, I like to draw insights from other fields, such as Psychology, Sociology and sometimes Philosophy.

My current research interests include:

Decision Making for Others
Lying Aversion
Limited Liability Incentive Schemes

Teaching Responsibilities

I teach introductory microeconomics and introductory macroeconomics in the undergraduate modules ‘Economics’ and ‘Economics for Business’. I am also currently supervising undergraduate students in their final year economic research projects.

ID: 11844215