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Dr Harold Lovell

Senior Lecturer

  1. Data availability statement for 'Geomorphological investigation of multiphase glacitectonic composite ridge systems in Svalbard'.

    Dr Harold Lovell (Creator), Benn, D. I. (Creator), Lukas, S. (Creator), Spagnolo, M. (Creator), Cook, S. (Creator), Swift, D. (Creator), Clark, C. (Creator), Yde, J. (Creator) & Watts, T. (Creator), Elsevier BV, 1 Jan 2018


  2. Data availability statement for 'Multiple Late Holocene surges of a High-Arctic tidewater glacier system in Svalbard'.

    Dr Harold Lovell (Creator), Benn, D. I. (Creator), Lukas, S. (Creator), Ottesen, D. (Creator), Luckman, A. (Creator), Dr Mark Hardiman (Creator), Barr, I. (Creator), Dr Clare Boston (Creator) & Sevestre, H. (Creator), Elsevier BV, 23 Oct 2018


  3. Data availability statement for 'The glacial landsystem of a tropical glacier: Charquini Sur, Bolivian Andes'.

    Małecki, J. (Creator), Dr Harold Lovell (Creator), Ewertowski, W. (Creator), Górski, Ł. (Creator), Kurczaba, T. (Creator), Latos, B. (Creator), Miara, M. (Creator), Piniarska, D. (Creator), Płocieniczak, J. (Creator), Sowada, T. (Creator), Spiralski, M. (Creator), Warczachowska, A. (Creator) & Rabatel, A. (Creator), Wiley Online Library, 3 May 2018


  4. Dataset for Complex kame belt morphology, stratigraphy and architecture

    Dr Harold Lovell (Creator), Livingstone, S. (Creator), Dr Clare Boston (Creator), Booth, A. (Creator), Storrar, R. (Creator) & Barr, I. (Creator), University of Portsmouth, 11 Jul 2019


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