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Dr Huijing Chen

Senior Lecturer

Huijing Chen


I am a Senior Lecturer in Operations Management and hold a PhD in short-term seasonal demand forecasting. I have published in high quality journals such as International Journal of Forecasting and Journal of the Operational Research Society. I have led and successfully completed an EPSRC-funded research project examining hierarchical seasonal demand forecasting. Previously I held lecturing positions at London Metropolitan University and the University of Salford.

Research Interests

  • Estimating seasonal patterns in demand by using information from similar items and/or geographical locations;
  • Making intelligent use of data for planning and replenishment, e.g. making effective use of temporal and cross-sectional aggregation for better planning;
  • Using Bayesian and Empirical Bayes to seasonal demand forecasts: understanding how and when these approaches may improve accuracy;
  • Inventory implication of forecasting accuracy and the impact of forecasting on various inventory control policies;
  • Understanding of using rules and intuition in inventory control, with the aim of developing a rule-based expert system which would benefit many business organisations.

ID: 1317318