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Mr Ian Tapster

Academic Lead (Communication)



My academic background is in history and politics.  I put the history side to good use after graduating as I worked for several years as a mediaeval archaeologist in Newcastle-upon-Tyne and then as a curator in the Oriental Department at the British Museum.

I then found my vocation as a financial journalist, spending five years at the Financial Times, most of them as editor of my section.  I also freelanced for The European for three years before setting up and running my own real-time financial information company for 15 years.  This company provided hourly reports on major financial markets and the political, international and economic influences behind their movements.

Since 2008 I have worked at the university, initially as a Senior Lecturer in Journalism, and currently as Principal Lecturer and Journalism Course Leader.

Research Interests

My teaching reflects the nature of my journalistic background as I deliver units that encompass British politics, foreign affairs and financial issues.

I also provide some historical context to journalism’s role in society, as well as taking an in-depth look at the importance of ethics in contemporary journalism.  

ID: 17500