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Dr Iris Nomikou

Associate Head (Innovation)

Iris Nomikou


I studied Languages and Linguistics at the Ionian University, Greece and Bielefeld University, Germany. My interest in language as social coordination led me to my PhD project which I completed in Bielefeld, Germany in 2014 on the interactional foundations of language acquisition. I then took up a Post-Doc position at the University of Paderborn, during which I looked at early games, social routines and infant’s developing participation. I joined the Department of Psychology at Portsmouth in 2016.

Research Interests

I am interested early caregiver-child interactions with a particular interest in pre-verbal communication, language development, and language socialisation. I am also interested in talk-in-interaction and non-verbal communication. I am currently planning research on individual and cultural variability in learning and development.

I am a member of the Situated Action and Communication Research Centre.

ID: 4637761