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Mr Jamie Whitehouse

Research Associate



I completed my undergraduate degree in zoology and my masters degree in animal behaviour, both at Bangor University. There, I focused predominantly on the social behaviour of primates, working with multiple species of macaques. With these foundations I was able to acquire a research assistant position here at the University of Portsmouth (funded by the Leakey Foundation) and join the Comparative and Evolutionary Psychology team. During this post, I conducted research which asked questions regarding social cognition and welfare in crested macaques. I have now secured a PhD bursary here, working under the supervision of Bridget Waller, Jerome Micheletta and Juliane Kaminski.

Research Interests

My research focuses on social communication and cognition in primates. I explore this theme through a mixed-methods approach, combining both behavioural observations and cognitive experiments to achieve this. I work closely with the free-ranging macaques of Cayo Santiago (Puerto Rico) as well as their captive counterparts housed at the Monkey Haven (Isle of Wight). Specifically within my PhD, I aim to explore the communicative function of stress-behaviour, and if and how expressing stress provides individuals with a selective advantage.

ID: 1551297