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Dr Joanne Preston

Principal Lecturer, Lecturer

Joanne Preston

Research Interests

My research interests focus on marine molecular and microbial ecology.  The goal of my research pathway is to further understand the relationship between biodiversity and ecosystem function, and relate this to environmental change.  

  • Evolution of sponges and their microbial symbionts,
  • Ecological interactions of sponge hosts and their microbial symbionts,
  • Climate change impacts on sponge bentho-pelagic coupling and ecological functioning,
  • Spicule skeletogenesis and sponge spicules as benthic palaeo-proxies,
  • Environmental microbiology of the Mary Rose.
  • Evolution of Trochids in the Mediterranean and NE Atlantic, and their relationship to Indo-Pacific species of the same taxonomic family, 

ID: 1390154