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Mrs Judith Fletcher-Brown

Senior Lecturer

Judith Fletcher-Brown


I am a marketing academic and professional with experience in Marketing Communications. Although originally qualifying in law, I pursued a career in Media Sales and publishing. I transferred to lecturing on a full time basis and have been teaching Marketing for 20 years.  My chief research area is investigating Social Marketing health intervention campaigns.

Research Interests

Judith's main area of research interest is health intervention campaigns with gender focus and an international cultural perspective. Firstly, with a collaborator from the Asia Pacific University in Manila Philippines as Principal Investigator, we have produced a series of papers examining Human Papillomavirus vaccine campaigns including the operation of religiosity, use of fright factors and gender roles in the message. Papers have been disseminated at a number of key conferences including the Academy of Marketing and The British Academy of Management. The study which is now complete, has led to the development of a new model drawing on theory from disciplines not explicitly considered as part of the panoply of marketing, the aligned fields of Sociology, and Public Health.

 A recent successful bid for funding has enabled the pilot project to present an outline of a sequential mixed methods study that will be conducted to examine the macro, meso and micro agents that operate at each marketing level in breast cancer awareness health campaigns in the context of India.  The single largest impact on breast cancer incidence in India will come from raising awareness about breast cancer, and educating women in self-examination, therefore, as Principal Investigator this enquiry could inform future public health strategies in India.

At the 2015, 14th International  Annual Colloquium on Nonprofit, Arts, Heritage and Social Marketing  Judith won best paper award from the Emerald publishing Group titled study Investigating Interdisciplinary Health Intervention Breast Cancer Campaigns in India.


Judith's recent paper Fletcher-Brown, J., Pereira, V., & Nyadzayo, M. W. (2018). Health marketing in an emerging market: The critical role of signaling theory in breast cancer awareness. Journal of Business Research86, 416-434 received phenomenal coverage in global media 2018.

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