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Dr Judith Rich


  1. Data availability statement for 'The one-dimensional power spectrum from the SDSS DR14 Ly╬▒ forests'.

    Chabanier, S. (Creator), Palanque-Delabrouille, N. (Creator), Yeche, C. (Creator), Le Goff, J. (Creator), Armengaud, E. (Creator), Bautista, J. (Creator), Blomqvist, M. (Creator), Busca, N. G. (Creator), Dawson, K. S. (Creator), Etourneau, T. (Creator), Font-Ribera, A. (Creator), Lee, Y. (Creator), des Bourboux, H. D. M. (Creator), Pieri, M. (Creator), Dr Judith Rich (Creator), Rossi, G. (Creator), Schneider, D. P. (Creator) & Slosar, A. (Creator), IOP Publishing, 10 Jul 2019


ID: 29815