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Dr Julia Brown

Associate Head (Global Engagement and Education Partnerships)

  1. Emily Haddy Second supervisor

    Department of Psychology

    Improving the lives of people through improving the welfare of their working equids

    5/11/18 → …

  2. Otto Wolf First/Lead supervisor

    School of the Environment, Geography & Geosciences

    Responding to and managing refugees’ arrivals: Between institutional centres and informal camps

    11/02/20 → …

  3. Sarra Ferkache Third supervisor

    School of Education & Sociology

    Immigrants' Contribution in Increasing Multilingualism and Linguistic Diverstiy in the LL of Algeria

    20/10/20 → …

  4. Stella Ikwueze Third supervisor

    School of Civil Engineering & Surveying

    Barriers to Adoption of Enhanced Soil and its Sustainability of in Low-Cost Housing

    18/11/16 → …

ID: 24715