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Dr Julie Udell

Placement and Employability Lead

Julie Udell


After graduating from my BSc (Hons) Psychology degree, I continued on to a MSc Psychological Research Methods, followed by a PhD within the School of Health Sciences and Social Work (SHSSW). My PhD explored fall and injury prevention interventions for older adults within institutional settings. I used a mixed methods approach for my PhD research, which included a Cochrane Overview of falls prevention for older people, a qualitative examination of the relationship between falls and injury prevention interventions and the resulting psychosocial effects, and a focused assessment of a shock-absorbent flooring as injury prevention for people at different risks of fracture.

Since my PhD I have worked as a Research Associate within SHSSW. I am now one of two Facilitators for the University of Portsmouth Ageing Network, which involves managing and facilitating the development of educational, research and knowledge exchange, and community outreach activities across all academic disciplines concerning the ‘Active Ageing’ agenda.

I am also an Associate Lecturer within the Department of Psychology where I am the Departmental Placement Coordinator. This includes managing the ‘Research-based Learning’ and ‘Psychology Work Placements’ units, as well as being a Level 4 tutor and supervising Level 6 projects.

Research Interests

Until the end of 2012, I was working on the ‘PEOPPLE’ project - Putting Evidence for Older People into Practice in Living Environments – a community-based project aiming to address some of the unmet needs of older people living in the local community (in a variety of living accommodations).

Following this I worked on a project in collaboration with the Health and Safety Laboratory which aimed to develop a falls reduction toolkit to improve the hospital environment, specifically looking at clinical and environmental factors affecting falls in dementia wards.

Both of these projects and my PhD thesis centre around my main research interest of the health and wellbeing of older adults, and more specifically how older adults interact with the built environment, the psychology of ageing, as well as the employment and retirement of an ageing workforce.

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