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Dr Kanad Kulkarni


Kanad Kulkarni


I graduated with a BSc in Geology from Mumbai University in 2007. I received an MSc in Geology from Fergusson College (University of Pune, India) in 2009, followed by an MSc in Petroleum Engineering from London South Bank University in 2010.

I am currently in the process of completing a PhD in Petroleum Engineering at London South Bank University. I began lecturing at London South Bank in 2011. I became a part time Lecturer at the University of Portsmouth in 2012 and a full time Lecturer in 2014.

My research focuses on reservoir quality determination and property modelling. My studies follows non-conventional methods of image analysis of thin sections, SEM and micro-CT analysis of core samples of unconventional reservoir from Canadian oil sands. My current research activities involve unconventional reservoir studies, economical estimation and petrophysical studies of various fields.

ID: 1343896