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Dr Kate Dingley

Principal Lecturer

Kate Dingley


I am a lecturer in human computer interaction (human factors) and project management. My PhD research was in remote working and learning and I have continued to have an interest in this in research into e-learning, mobile learning, e-government and mobile usability. I put this knowledge into practice as a course leader for an online course and I teach online modules in project topics.

Usability is a vital aspect to IT design, and the application of human computer interaction, interaction design and human factors methods can improve the rates of IT acceptance in every age group, every culture and every profession. When emerging applications have good interaction design, they are used more readily by the whole population, but more importantly, perhaps, provide a supportive and enabling environment for less able users. As more and more applications are made available on a variety of mobile devices, the use of robust usability criteria is essential to make them accessible to anyone wanting to use them.

Prior to doing my degree and Phd as a mature student, I have worked in sales, public relations, marketing and a variety of roles in industry. I am now in the fortunate position that I have a sound working knowledge of commercial working practices to augment my growing knowledge and skills in the academic arena.

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