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Dr Kay Peggs


Kay Peggs


My research approaches issues associated with discrimination and power from a range of social perspectives. I am currently particularly interested in exploring what social perspectives (such as critical sociology, standpoint sociology and feminism) have to offer to the study of oppressions related to species. Current research interests include human/nonhuman divide, intersectionality and complex inequalities, and social ethics and moral consideration. I am also a research methods specialist. I have applied a range of qualitative and quantitative approaches in my research. I am currently working on observation as a methodological approach and am exploring creative methodologies.

Research Interests

Research Clusters

  • Sociology and Social Theory
  • Women’s and Gender Studies

Research Interests

  • Discrimination and power: Human/nonhuman divide, Gender, intersectionality and complex inequalities, Ethics, Self and identity, Couple relationships.
  • Reflexive sociology: Critical sociology, Standpoint sociology.
  • Research methods: Combining methods, Creative methodologies.

ID: 28372