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Dr Lara Mendonca Guterres Torres

Senior Lecturer

Lara Mendonca Guterres Torres


I am a Senior Lecturer at the Fashion and Textiles Department at the University of Portsmouth. My research is concerned with theoretical issues of criticality in contemporary expanded fashion practices. My work draws on Derridean deconstruction and notions of intertextuality in film. To date, I have focused on theoretical notions such as Rosalind Krauss’s expanded field (1979) to facilitate the understanding of what might be a post-disciplinary approach to fashion. I conduct practice-based research in addition to written work, making short films, installations and fashion performance pieces.

Research Interests

My research sits at the intersection of fashion, fine arts and film practice and theory, and explores notions of an expanded field of fashion, critical fashion and fashion film practices in the 21st century. Taking a critical and philosophical approach, ongoing projects in my studio include:

●          Unmaking, 2016

●          An impossible wardrobe for the invisible, 2011

Featured in international exhibitions and conferences, including 'The future of fashion is now' (2014/15) in the Museum Boijmans van Beuningen in Rotterdam; ‘Why-what-who: 10 years of fashion artefacts’ at the Venice Biennale (2018) and 'State of Fashion' in Arnhem (2018)

Teaching Responsibilities

I teach in the areas of making and thinking fashion with a focus on experimental practices. I lead studio-based practical workshop courses in developing new skills in fashion, as well as offering lectures and seminars on theoretical issues of fashion practice.

At the University, I teach across the BA and MA Fashion and Textiles.


I have graduated from CITEX in Oporto, Portugal in 2004, with a BA (Hons) degree in Fashion Design. I had experience in the fashion industry as both a full-time and independent practitioner. I runned my own fashion studio and brand in Lisbon from 2005 to 2009, before going on to complete an MA in Fashion Artefact with distinction at the London College of Fashion, University of the Arts London.

In 2019, I have completed a doctorate from University of Arts London, with the thesis ‘Towards a practice of unmaking: the essay film as critical discourse for fashion in the expanded field’.



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