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Dr Leanne Proops

Associate Head (Research and Innovation)

  1. Dataset: 'Working Equid Welfare Mexico Data'

    Emily Charlotte Haddy (Creator), Burden, F. (Contributor), Prado-Ortiz, O. (Contributor), Zappi, H. (Contributor), Raw, Z. (Contributor) & Dr Leanne Proops (Contributor), University of Portsmouth, 2019


  2. Supplementary material for 'Shelter seeking behaviour of donkeys and horses in a temperate climate'.

    Dr Leanne Proops (Creator), Osthaus, B. (Creator), Bell, N. (Creator), Long, S. (Creator), Hayday, K. (Creator) & Burden, F. (Creator), Elsevier BV, 29 Mar 2019


ID: 4686393