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Professor Lorraine Hope

Professor of Applied Cognitive Psychology

  1. Data availability statement for 'The modified stroop task is susceptible to feigning: stroop performance and symptom over-endorsement in feigned test anxiety'.

    Boskovic, I. (Creator), Biermans, A. J. (Creator), Merten, T. (Creator), Jelicic, M. (Creator), Professor Lorraine Hope (Creator), Merckelbach, H. (Creator), Frontiers Media S. A., 11 Jul 2018


  2. Dataset for 'Showup identification decisions for multiple perpetrator crimes: testing for sequential dependencies'.

    Tupper, N. (Creator), Sauerland, M. (Creator), Sauer, J. (Creator), Broers, N. J. (Creator), Charman, S. D. (Creator), Professor Lorraine Hope (Creator), Public Library of Science, 6 Dec 2018


  3. Supplemental material for 'Detecting feigned high impact experiences: a symptom over-report questionnaire outperforms the emotional Stroop task'.

    Boskovic, I. (Creator), Professor Lorraine Hope (Creator), Ost, J. (Creator), Orthey, R. (Creator), Merckelbach, H. (Creator), Elsevier BV, 16 May 2019


  4. Supplementary material for '“I think you did it!”: Examining the effect of presuming guilt on the verbal output of innocent suspects during brief interviews'.

    Portnoy, S. (Creator), Professor Lorraine Hope (Creator), Professor Aldert Vrij (Creator), Granhag, P. A. (Creator), Ask, K. (Creator), Eddy, C. (Creator), Landström, S. (Creator), Wiley Online Library, 19 Aug 2019


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