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Dr Marnie Lovejoy

Senior Lecturer



Marnie Lovejoy did her law degree at the University of Basel, Switzerland, in 2005. While working as a lecturer and researcher at the University of Basel, she obtained her PhD, which was awarded summa cum laude, in 2011. Her PhD on 'tracing and confiscating of assets of dictators' was published as a monograph in 2012. After her bar exam (Switzerland) in 2012, Marnie started to work as a solicitor in a specialised law firm in Geneva, Switzerland. She was involved in the defence of the interests of victim states in large scale cases of kleptocracy and corruption. After moving to the UK, Marnie undertook the QLTS exams in 2015/16 to qualify as a solicitor in the UK as well and started to work as a lecturer at the Portsmouth Law School in 2016.

Teaching Responsibilities

Marnie Lovejoy is the Unit Coordinator for the Level 4 Criminal Law Unit and for the Level 5 and 6 White Collar Crime Unit. She is also teaching on two units on a post graduate forensic accounting course, Expert Witnessing and Dispute Resolution and Financial Crime and the Law.

Research Interests

Marnie's main field of research in Transnational Financial Crimes committed in and by the public sector, e.g. corruption, embezzlement of funds, or financing of terrorism. Marnie is particularly interested in the tracing, freezing, forfeiting and repatriating of stolen public funds or otherwise criminally acquired assets, the judicial assistance in criminal and administrative matters relating to such proceedings as well as human rights issues that arise in the investigation and prosecution of such large scale crimes. Marnie is also interested in Crime and Alternative Dispute Resolution, especially the impact of criminal issues on commercial and investment arbitration proceedings.

ID: 7393063