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Mr Martin Schaefer

GIS Manager

Martin Schaefer


I graduated with a BSc Geography from the University of Sheffield in 1999 and completed an MSc in GIS at the University of Portsmouth in 2001. I joined the staff at Portsmouth as the Head of GIS Support in 2000 and have additionally been working as a part-time lecturer since 2006. I completed a Postgraduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education at Portsmouth in 2006. In 2013 my role changed to GIS Manager.

Research Interests

GIS, Spatial Data management and Databases

My main focus is on providing GIS services to researchers in a colaborative capacity.

Surveying and Data capture

I participate and lead on a number of research and commercial surveying projects. This covers GPS and Total Station work, as well as close range 3D laser scanning and UAV sureveying. I am a CAA approved pilot and able to operate under the University's Permission for Aerial Operations. My research focuses on error propagation and precision of these methods in applied projects.

Arctic and Alpine Climate

I have been and continue to work with Dr Nick Pepin to investigate the interactions of topography and climate in Finnish Lapland and on Kilimanjaro. I am mainly concerned with surveying techniques in difficult environments.

Marine Biology

I work with colleagues at the Institue of Marine Sciences (IMS) on a number of projects, to bring surveying and geographic data analysis techniques to applied research in marine biology.

Hazard Research

I am collaborating with colleages in the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences on a NERC funded project to assess the impact of Hurricane Maria on Dominca using terrestrial, UAV and remote sensing based approaches.

ID: 2188973