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Dr Mel Krokos

Senior Lecturer



I am a Senior Lecturer in Computer Graphics and Visualisation in the School of Creative Technologies, member of ACM SIGGRAPH and ACM SIGGRAPH pioneers, senior member of the IEEE and area editor for the journal Transactions on Creative Technologies. I have been a software developer for an open source framework for biomedical applications, and I am currently member of the VisIVO developers team, a grid-enabled visualisation toolkit for astrophysics, a member of the Splotch developers team, a high performance volume ray casting approach, and a founding member of the STARNet federation, a network of federated gateways sharing services for authentication, infrastructure access, and data/workflow repositories.

Research Interests

My research interests are on emerging technologies for big data visualisation including hardware-accelerated algorithms, high performance computing, computational grids and scientific gateways, to underpin data intensive problems in disciplines ranging from cosmology and astrophysics to geosciences. I am further interested in technical solutions bridging the gap between arts and sciences to support advanced tools for computer games, e-learning systems and virtual reality. 

ID: 23244