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Dr Mike Bracher

Senior Research Associate

Mike Bracher



I am currently a Senior Research Associate on phase one of the the SAToRI-BTR (Systematic Approach to Review of In Vitro methods in Brain Tumour Research) project, led by Dr. Karen Pilkington. I also hold a Visiting Fellowship at Bournemouth University Faculty of Health and Social Sciences, to which I continue to provide advice and support on implementation-related issues in an honorary capacity.

From 2017-2018 I completed a Post-doctoral Fellowship at Bournemouth University, during which I had primary responsiblity for the design and conduct of the INSCCOPe (Implementing Nutrition Screening in Community Care for Older People) project -

From 2014-2017 I was employed as a Research Fellow at the University of Southampton, prior to which I served as Research Fellow of the Autism Diagnostic Research Center, from 2013-2014 (ADRC - Southampton).

I completed an ESRC-funded PhD in Sociology - 'Living without a diagnosis – formations of pre-diagnostic identity in the lives of AS people diagnosed in adulthood' - at the University of Southampton from 2009-2013.

Research interests:

  • Implementation and translation processes affecting adoption and embedding of new processes and technologies in healthcare service and research.
  • Analysis of free-text data from large-scale surveys of patient experience.
  • Study of interactions in healthcare settingsusing Conversation Analysis (developing interest).


Peer-reviewed journal articles

Bracher, M., Murphy, J., Steward, K., Wallis, K., & May, C. R. (2019). What factors promote or inhibit implementation of a new procedure for screening and treatment of malnutrition in community settings? A prospective process evaluation of the Implementing Nutrition Screening in Community Care for Older People (INSCCOPe). BMJ Open, 9(2), e023362.

May CR, Cummings A, Girling M, Bracher M, Mair FS, May CM, Murray E, Myall M, Rapley T & Finch T. Using Normalization Process Theory in feasibility studies and process evaluations of complex healthcare interventions: a systematic review. Implement Sci [Internet]. 2018;13(1):80. Available from:

Reidy, C., Bracher, M., Foster, C., Vassilev, I. and Rogers, A., 2018. The process of incorporating insulin pumps into the everyday lives of people with Type 1 diabetes: A critical interpretive synthesis. Health Expectations.

Wagland, R., Bracher, M., Drosdowsky, A., Richardson, A., Symons, J., Mileshkin, L. and Schofield, P., 2017. Differences in experiences of care between patients diagnosed with metastatic cancer of known and unknown primaries: mixed-method findings from the 2013 cancer patient experience survey in England. BMJ OPEN, 7 (9). -

Bracher, M., Wagland, R. and Corner, J., 2016. Exploring experiences of cancer care in Wales: a thematic analysis of free-text responses to the 2013 Wales Cancer Patient Experience Survey (WCPES). BMJ Open, 6 (e011830). -

Wagland, R., Recio-Saucedo, A., Simon, M., Bracher, M., Hunt, K., Foster, C., Glaser, A. and Corner, J., 2015. Development and testing of a text-mining approach to analyse patients’ comments on their experiences of colorectal cancer care. BMJ Quality and Safety. -


Bracher, M., Matheson, C. & Brindle, L.A (2016) Treatment decision support for men with low-intermediate risk prostate cancer: A scoping review to inform the True Nth Understanding Consequences Study; University of Southampton/Prostate Cancer UK; (Southampton, UK)

Wagland, R., Bracher, M., & Ibanez-Esqueda, A., Richardson, A. & Schofield, P. (2015) Exploration and analysis of free-text comments from respondents with Cancer of Unknown Primary (CUP) to the 2010, 2011-12 & 2013 Cancer Patient Experience Survey (CPES) England (University of Southampton/ The CUP Foundation).

Bracher, M., Wagland, R., & Corner, J. (2014). Exploration and analysis of free-text comments from the 2013 Wales Cancer Patient Experience Survey (WCPES). Southampton, UK.  Retrieved from Report FINAL.pdf

Bracher, M. (2013) ADRC Service Evaluation Phase 2 – Post-diagnostic service development study; The Autism Diagnostic Research Centre (Southampton, UK).

Bracher, M. (2013) ADRC Service Evaluation Phase 1 – Hampshire, Portsmouth and Isle of Wight; The Autism Diagnostic Research Centre (Southampton, UK).

Book reviews

Bracher, M. & Thackray, L. (2012) A History of Autism: Conversations with the Pioneers; Understanding Autism: Patients, Doctors, and the History of a Disorder; The Myth of Autism [Review Essay], Sociology of Health and Illness 34(7), pp.1119-1122; Blackwell Publishing (London, UK) -

Bracher, M. (2012) ‘Investigating autism - history, culture and embodied difference’ [Review Essay]), Sociology 46(4), pp.759-766; Sage Publications (London, UK).

Conference presentations

Oral presentations

Bracher, Mike, Wallis, K., Steward, K., May C., Murphy, J. Investigating Professional Behaviour Change in Teams under Pressure: Results from Phase One of a Prospective Process Evaluation of a New Procedure for Screening and Treatment of Malnutrition in Community Care for Older People (INSCCOPe). Oral presentation - British Sociological Association Medical Sociology Study Group Annual Conference 2018 (Glasgow, UK)

A Systematic Approach To Review of In vitro models in Brain Tumour Research (SAToRI-BTR). – Oral Presentation, Advances in Cell and Tissue Culture (ACTC) 2018 conference, Cardiff (UK).

‘Sense, perception and embodied sociality – Exploring identity, place and risk in autistic people’s autobiographies’ (09/2011), BSA Medical Sociology Conference 2011 (Chester, UK)

'Being at Uni' - Conceptual and Epistemological Approaches to the Study of Embodied, Situated Higher Education Experiences’ (02/2011), Higher Education Research Group (HERG) Seminar Series 10-11, University of Southampton (Southampton, UK).

Poster and film presentations

Exploring community healthcare staff experiences of current screening and treatment practices for malnutrition – baseline survey results from the Implementing Nutrition Screening in Community Care for Older People (INSCCOPe) process evaluation project – [BAPEN Annual Conference 2017] -

‘Living without a diagnosis – formations of pre-diagnostic in the lives of AS people diagnosed in adulthood’ [Poster Presentation] – BSA Medical Sociology Annual Conference 2013, University of York (York, UK) -

‘Commuting Under Pressure’ [Film] (03/2012), Work Futures in the Digital Economy Symposium, Work Futures Research Centre, University of Southampton (Chilworth, UK) -

‘Epiphanies and Revelations - exploring the relationship between a formal diagnosis and identity in the autobiographies of AS adults’ (12/2011), Sociology & Social Policy Seminar Series 11-12, University of Southampton (Southampton, UK)

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