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Dr Monica Riera

Senior Lecturer

Monica Riera


My main field of research is the city. I am interested in how cities articulate and shape human culture, and on the interactions, contributions and occasional interventions by which we could maintain and when appropriate enhance the quality and liveability of places.

As an extension of this, and currently the focus of my research, I am interested in the relation between culture and sustainability, in particular the role that heritage can play as the means to both preserve historical memory and identity, and enable sustainable development in historically-rich but often fragile heritage sites. In this context, I am currently working on a project focused on the Ancient City of Pingyao, a World Heritage Site in China.

My research and teaching integrate historical perspectives with those derived from urban planning, cultural studies and the social sciences. I am interested in consultancy as well as contributing to the planning and execution of place-making interventions.

Research Interests

Research Clusters

  • Cluster for sustainable cities- Stream Culture and Heritage
  • Centre dor European and International Studies Research

Discipline Areas

  • City design
  • Urban development
  • History
  • Heritage
  • Cultural Studies

ID: 25330