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Dr Oliver Gruner

Senior Lecturer

Oliver Gruner


I first joined Portsmouth in 2011, contributing lectures on Visual Culture history and theory. Since then I have taught across a range of modules, specialising in new media and film. My first degree was in English and Communication Studies and I have an MA and PhD in Film Studies. Over the past five years, my research has focused on cultural memory and, in particular, cinematic representations of the 1960s. I continue to explore issues related to memory, nostalgia and pop-culture portrayals of the recent past.

Research Interests

My research explores the historical film, cultural memory and representations of the 1960s. I am particularly interested in the ways in which visual culture has intersected with broader US public debates on the legacy of the sixties. How are events and phenomena such as the Vietnam War, the counterculture, the civil rights and feminist movements “remembered”? What are the political implications of such memories? In general, I explore images and narratives produced by filmmakers, popular musicians and other cultural arbiters that revisit and reinterpret the sixties from a contemporary perspective.

ID: 16771