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Mr Peter Ainsworth

Senior Lecturer

Peter Ainsworth


I am a photography lecturer in School of Art and Design.

I’m an artist known for my photographic work that encompasses elements of performance, sculpture, video and print. My recent projects concentrate on the relationship between inorganic and organic structures as a way to explore how we see objects and to inquire into a world where the human is not central to relations between things. I examine these concerns with reference to architectural forms, and domestic materials and in particular to spaces that are overlooked, areas that are on the peripheries of urban environments but without which the city would not fit together.

I am the recipient of the first Converse/ Dazed and Confused Emerging Artist Award and have recently shown work in “State of the Art Photography” NRW Forum Dusseldorf, “Uncommon Ground” at Flowers East and “At the edge of Logic”, Platforma Reformer, Lisbon. My first London Solo show ‘Unsounded surplus’ was at George and Jorgen Gallery.

ID: 17885