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Dr Peter Howell

Senior Lecturer

Peter Howell


I am a Lecturer in Computer Games Design in the School of Creative Technologies at the University of Portsmouth. Prior to my current role, I have taught Games Design and Development at both Further and Higher Education level, focusing primarily on game design, 3D asset creation, gameplay scripting and academic games research. I have design and development experience in the UK games industry, including in my role as Co-Designer at The Chinese Room. I hold a PhD in game design, with my research focusing on 'disruptive game design' as a means of supporting a player's cognitive engagement with a game. I am a researcher in the Advanced Games Research Group in the school and, jointly with other games course team members, I am engaged in work to commercialise the games research being carried out by the group in industrial game development projects. More information can be found at my official website.

Research Interests

My research focus is Game Design and specifically, Disruptive Game Design and the subversion of player expectations during gameplay. I am currently engaged in a commercialisation project that is seeking to include elements of my research, along with other research from the Advanced Games Research Group, in an industrially developed console title.

ID: 1734864