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Dr Peter Rowley

Peter Rowley


I am a geoscientist with responsibility for managing the commercial activity of the Rock Mechanics Laboratory here at the University of Portsmouth, as well as developing research links with outside organisations. My own research has a focus on experimental physical volcanology, particularly pyroclastic flow propagation and deposition, and the evolution of volcanic edifice architecture.

Research Interests

  • The influence of gas fluidisation and flow stratification on pyroclastic density current flow dynamics and deposition.
  • Interpretation of 3D architectures from granular currents with respect to inferring current behaviours.
  • 3D turbidite basin architectures and their reservoir potential for play assessment for the hydrocarbon industry.
  • Transitional behaviour of pyroclastic density currents as they move from subaerial to submarine environments.
  • Acoustic propagation behaviours of volcaniclastic sediments and their relationship with volcanic precursor seismic behaviour.

ID: 2558913