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Mr Phevos Kallitsis

Academic Lead (Learning and Teaching)

Phevos Kallitsis


Teaching in Portsmouth since 2014, after working in Greece as an architect and tutor. As a practicing architect (freelancer or working with firms) I have worked on projects of various scales and in different countries (Greece, Cyprus, UAE, Oman) and architectural competitions. I have also worked as a cinema critic and set designer for theatre productions and tv in Greece. I’ve been in the organization committee for International Conferences and various events exploring the interconnections of Architecture, Urban Design, and Cinema.

I believe in equality and I always try to explore the architectural dimensions on these issues and I like working with existing buildings and explore the opportunities of abandoned and derelict sites. These are issues that are part of my teaching in Interior Design and in Architecture.

Research Interests

My PhD entitled Fear for the City: Boundaries and Reflections in Horror Films and Thrillers and various publications focus on exploring current urban phenomena through moving images and their social, cultural and financial context. I explore the way fear affects the urban experience and how it affects the transformation of our cities.

Furthermore, I work on issues of Gender and Sexuality on Urban Space and how space allows or prevents the different identities to exist freely. Recently I have been involved in a project about the home environment of people with dementia and their caregivers.

ID: 2001153