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Dr Philip Benson

Reader in Rock Physics

  1. Data availability statement for 'Microseismicity of an unstable rock mass: from field monitoring to laboratory testing'.

    Colombero, C. (Creator), Comina, C. (Creator), Vinciguerra, S. C. (Creator) & Dr Philip Benson (Creator), John Wiley & Sons Inc., 21 Feb 2018


  2. Supporting information for 'Constitutive laws for Etnean basement and edifice lithologies'.

    Bakker, R. (Creator), Violay, M. E. S. (Creator), Vinciguerra, S. C. (Creator), Fazio, M. (Creator) & Dr Philip Benson (Creator), John Wiley & Sons, 5 Jul 2019


  3. Supporting information for 'Thermal damage and pore pressure effects on brittle-ductile transition of comiso limestone'.

    Castagna, A. (Creator), Ougier-Simonin, A. (Creator), Dr Philip Benson (Creator), Browning, J. (Creator), Walker, R. J. (Creator), Fazio, M. (Creator) & Vinciguerra, S. C. (Creator), Wiley, 26 Dec 2018


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